English abstract

During this project we covered SPOT Festival 2014 via social media . Our primary platform has been Instagram where we have been given free rein to work with SPOT’s own Instagram profile.

Our vision and goal from the start has been to expand the profile because it is in our view not of a size to do the SPOT Festival justice. By size we mean the number of followers . We tried to expand the profile by promoting the SPOT Festival in the days leading up to the festival and of course live cover during the festival.

Because video is relatively new on instagram, we thought it was exciting to try this kind of media in stead of the typical picture. Because of this, our content on Instagram, in most cases, has been video. This was especially challenging because Instagram video only allow 15 seconds of footage. We have therefore had to sharpen each clip , so we get the most out of the seconds and at the same time makes sense.

Besides instagram, we live covered with a ScribbleLive feed and Twitter. The festival’s official hashtag was # SPOT14, and this we monitored during the two days with Hootsuite.

This site contains descriptions of our project in the form of analyzes and reflections. Additionally, one can find a manual on how we nearly quadrupled the number of followers on SPOTs Instagram.


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